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Connect Raspberry Pi and Computer using PL2303, you don't need Monitor, Power Cable and HDMI / AV Cable. Setup PL2303 Driver on Mac, Window PC or Linux then open terminal to access Raspberry Pi. 


Terminal login
Install PL2303 on Mac (for Windows and Linux, Please check the reference link on the bottom of this page)

    • Download osx-pl2303.kext.tgz from here (Download osx-pl2303.kext.tgz) 
    • tar xvzf  osx-pl2303.kext.tgz
    • sudo cp -R osx-pl2303.kext /System/Library/Extensions/
    • cd /System/Library/Extensions
    • chmod -R 755 osx-pl2303.kext
    • chown -R root:wheel osx-pl2303.kext
    • kextload ./osx-pl2303.kext
    • kextcache -system-cache

After install, Check is it correct install or not :
  • $ kextstat -b nl.bjaelectronics.driver.PL2303
  • Result should be :
           Index Refs Address Size Wired Name (Version) <Linked Against> 
            74 0 0xffffff7f808ee000 0xb000 0xb000        nl.bjaelectronics.driver.PL2303 (1.0.0d1) <73 34 5 4 3>
Uninstall in case : sudo kextunload /System/Library/Extensions/osx-pl2303.kext

Check the drive is ready or not :
  • $ ls /dev/*PL* 
  • It should print: /dev/cu.PL2303-00002006 /dev/tty.PL2303-00002006
  • OR something like : /dev/cu.???PL2303??-000???
Connect Cable with PL2303 and Raspberry Pi
 Raspberry PiPL2303 

Download and Install minicom on Mac (Download minicom)

initial and Setup Minicom : 
  • cd /opt/minicom/2.2/minicom/bin
  • $ ./minicom -s 
  • input  /dev/cu.PL2303-00002006 to Serial port setup -> Serial Device
  • Save setup as .. <any name e.g. raspberrypl2303>
  • Run : ./minicom raspberrypl2303